Thursday, April 19, 2012

Okay, time got away from me...

Ooops, been a bit since I posted. Where did the days go? Anything trite I might come up, platitudes for the readers or non-readers at this point, would be glarringly obvious to the millions of you who come here to read what golden threads of wisdom I impart to become part of the tapestry and fabric of your daily lives. (Was that thick enough, or shall I go on?)

Any who...moving forward.

I won't make banal promises of daily postings or postings multiple times a day. But I will make sure to get something up at least once a week...yeah, that sounds good.

So what has distracted me from the goal of blogging? You mean aside from life? Well, life. Yep, this whole working Mom, amazing wife, supermodel on the side thing can make for a pretty busy calendar.

Yep, had some issues with Daisy that required full attention. Then there's the whole work thing (I don't do it for the paycheck, but I really do it for the people. I have a GREAT time there!). Taking care of the puppies. Being an amazing wife and anything else that comes along.

Current distractions? That is just too much fun, especially if you've got an inquisitive mind that doesn't get stretched too terribly much. Trying to research the Hubby's familia so I can make (a) a cool family tree for him and (b) ultimately, a scrapbook with photos, information and memorabilia about his family. To date, I haven't even scratched the surface, but it's terribly addictive and makes me want to REALLY dig deeper!

Alright, it's on peeps.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Ah, the glory job of a parent

Tonight, I was that parent in Target.

I was the one who in the car, outside the car in the parking lot, 2 minutes after walking in to the store, in between the cards and the wrapping paper holding a crying child and finally part way to the ladies t-shirt sale rack had the child melting down. Repeatedly.

We're talking, lather, rinse, repeat here.

No idea what set it off. Haven't gotten to the bottom of it. But when the scene warm-up commenced and then people started to stare, that's when a cart full of "things" that needed to be picked up didn't matter.

That's when, after sharing with said unhappy 8 year old, that her unkind words needed to stop because she was coming close to a line she didn't want to cross.

Then the unkind words took an uptic and the line was crossed and my heart was hurt. I shared that the unkind words were done and that until she had something kind to say, starting with "I'm sorry", there would be no further conversation. I then walked away from a cart, with groceries and snacks that she needs for tomorrow morning and to the car and home.

The dirty looks and attitude continued. I gave her a hug and told her "I love you" and meant it. I fixed her dinner and let her eat and web-talk with Daddy in peace and got laundry started. I let her have 20 minutes for reading and turned out the light and said good night and sweet dreams...and meant it.

Once the lights were off, I got a "I'm sorry...will you forgive me?". I told her, "I forgave you the moment you said the words. Sweet dreams."

The slings and arrows that a parent takes to the heart.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Truth

The truth is in my heart and in my eyes.
It's lying right there and can't be disguised.
But I can distract you and I can make you laugh,
and you won't see the truth that lies beneath the smile.

The truth is the fear that I hide.

I still see that 5 year old small girl who was so hurt and scared at falling off her bicycle that very first time. How could the world be that cruel to one so small and trusting.

So I swallowed my fears and my need to scoop you up and wrap you in bubble wrap and put you on a shelf where you could be safe and nothing could reach you. Because that was not how to live a life full of adventures and possibilities.

Instead, I praised the very awsomeness of a spectacular crash. I found ridiculous words, exuberant jesticulations and high-fives to praise what was a phenomenally frightening moment in your world. I took quick inventory that you were not badly hurt, and moved you forward, without your input to celebrating a fearful moment.

You wanted to put the bike away and never look back...and I wanted to as well. Then I would not have to watch you, the sidewalk, the side streets, the people walking and running, the cars driving way too fast for one so small on two wheels in such a very very large world.

But that was not how to show you that life is full of adventures and possibilities. Instead, I wiped your tears and gave you the full and honest truth. You were going to fall. Alot. Many times it may be a bump or a scrape and occassionally a good crash and it would hurt and be frightening...

...and then we will dust you off, pick you up, put you back on the bike and cheer you as you peddal down the road to the next adventure and possibility that is waiting for you to find it.

Because the fear cannot hold you back from doing what others cannot and would not do.

The truth is in my heart and in my eyes. It's lying right there and can't be disguised. But I can distract you and make you laugh and you won't see, the truth that lies beneath the smile.

The truth is the fear that I hide. It's not that I don't's because I care so very very much that I hide the fear I have inside. And I hope that when you are grown and have children and a family of your own, you will understand it so much more.

I love you my beautiful brave adventurous girl.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Adventures In Parenting

I'm reminded of a joke I heard told by Bill Engvall (giving credit where credit is due). He said, "It's true that if Parents truly told what Parenting would be before anyone had kids...we'd all have a lot more dogs in our lives."

I laugh because I think it's true. And while I believe I'd still be massochistic enough to go through with being a parent, there are times I look at my husband and say, "Dogs. We could have just stuck with dogs..." and we laugh.

I fully realize that there is that point when you cross in your child's eyes from being a revered amazing superpowered person, to just a complete imbocile. I did however expect that time to come a little closer to the teen years, you know, around 11 or 12 (being optimistic). I think 8 is a little early for this dance to begin.

Case in point...Saturday evening we had tickets to go to the Zoo's Winter Wonderland, which took place after the zoo had closed. A special evening event. When the sun goes down, what happens to the temperatures? Yep, things tend to cool off a bit.

We checked the weather forecast and it was supposed to be in the upper 50's / low 60's for the time we'd be there...a beautiful fall night. We planned accordingly jeans, light sweater and a jacket. I said to our daughter, "We're going to be leaving at 5:30 to go to the Zoo and I would suggest and encourage you to put on long pants, long sleeved shirt and to grab your jacket." Upon hearing the news and scrunching up her face and giving me the "Mom you're cracked" look, I finished it with, "But what you choose to wear will be your decision."

Before it was time to leave, I restated the suggestion 3 times and her father also made the suggestion (crazy to think that Mom may actually know what she's talking about!). Nope, not changing her mind, totally good with her choice and nothing we say can dissuade her. We said, you're going to stick by this decision AND if we arrive at the Zoo and you decide that you're in fact cold, we will not be leaving. Yep, solid in my decision and good to go.

We arrive at the Zoo, get out of the car and don't even make it to the gate when she's got her arms wrapped around her and shivering, "I'M COLD!". My Husband brings up that she was sure of her decision, blah blah blah, but that all pales in comparison to icicles hanging off of her nose from freezing in 63 degrees of Florida "early winter" weather. LOL

My Husband (DH) wants a picture with the cold and cantankerous child who was NOT happy. Then it was a picture with a person dressed up in a Rudolph costume...the face is priceless! One that will go with her Kindergarten picture in which she is so surly, you'd think they were beating children who smiled that day!

We then walked back to the car where she was aghast at the thought of going home already. DH produced his jacket for her (he had on a warm vest underneath) and I produced a pair of sweater tights to put on under her shorts, "sure it will look goofy, but your legs will be warm" was apparently not the words to say to sell the fashion look.

Once warmed up, her attitude changed and we had a good time at the Zoo. Saw lights, saw critters, saw Reindeer (who were loosing their antlers due to our weather being warmer than New York, where they came from), light displays and giant inflatable slides in the Reindeer Games locations.

It was a fun and memorable evening and the pictures will be worth gold when she is in college and brings home that one special young man who will have captured her heart. Then we can pull out the special pictures and say, "This is what you're getting in to...she's all yours, congratulations!"

Yep, I can see why dogs are so popular. But we wouldn't trade her for the world...most days.

Friday, December 16, 2011

It's the little things...truly

It's truly the little things that just make me giddy sometimes. With full truth and sincerity, it's the reason why my Mother called me a "cheap date". I'm easily entertained. Some days more so than others.

And lets face it, in these times and challenges, finding the cheap and easy thrill or tickle, is what we're all looking for.

For example, let's take Blogspot.

When I sign in to update or write a post, I have to provide my Identification and password that I selected. Well, when I selected my password, Blogspot had undergone some changes, was being non-cooperative and quite frankly, I wasn't in the mood to play.

My password is not a kind phrase.

I would not utter it in church. And I DEFINITELY would not utter it in front of my Mother or any of my Grandmothers (God rest their souls)!

But every time I type that phrase in as my password...I smile. I smile and I giggle and I feel like a naughty child getting away with something I know I shouldn't.

And I smile and giggle again.

Yep, I'm easily entertained and it's truly the little things that can entertain me and make me happy.

And when I pause long enough to remember those little happy glimmers that I can find and provide for others, and myself, it makes things somehow better. More palatable and I can move forward with my day with a little spark of laughter and happiness that I can feel in my heart. A gleam of the imp shining in my eyes and a laugh waiting to burst forth from my lips and to share that with another and hopefully watch the spark continue on with others.

What can I say? I'm easily entertained and it's truly the little things in life that provide moments of instant and sustained happiness.

What about you?

Monday, October 17, 2011


There are times when sugar cravings just go through the roof. I mean, let's be honest, there are times when you could just dive into something with reckless abandon and joy because, you're an adult and get away with it!

Halloween I think truly brings that out. Let's face it, how many times have we bought a bag of candy only to realize that you need another one.

There are few times where I worry that my "girl card" is going to be recalled (I mean, I'm a girl, but well follow me here). For example, I'm not a huge chocolate fan. There are times it's good and majority of the time...meh.

Cheesecake. Um, I couldn't stand to eat it (or even more than 2 bites) until the last year, two tops. Before then, no thanks. But I could make a killer cheesecake - no interest whatsoever in it.

Some people are sweet treaters.

Some are savory.

Some are tart.

Yeah, not so much for sweet, but tart and savory? Oh yeah, those would be me. Favorite candy of choice as a kid? Sweetarts.

First birthday? Butterscotch pudding pie. You couldn't make me eat a cake...well not until I started Kindergarten, then I realized I had to convert.

Love Smarties. Oh if it's a really good bag, I can eat the whole darned thing...acid burn to my tongue and all!

New fav? There is a great little candy store not too far from the house. I like to indulge every so often and riffle my way through the Sunkis Fruit Gems to pull out the Pink Grapefruit candies. OH.MY.GOTT. to quote Tammi.

Seriously! Why isn't there more Grapefruit and Pink Grapefruit candy out there? It's sweet, it's tart, its's got it all and its oh so good.

So yeah, come on world. I need Pink Grapefruit candy! Now I have a find more!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


When you have a child, there are certain things that they will do or say that will be so serious to them...and just incredibly funny to the rational adult on the other side of the equation. Whether it be something in passing, such as Daisy referring to stairs as "ladders" or those moments of just utter frustration and aggravation and you, as the rational parent taste blood to try and keep from laughing and, well honestly, just pissing them off even more.

Case in point...Friday upon picking Daisy up from school, I knew something was up (Mothers Intuition if you want) and upon asking...was proven right. Busted.

An agreed punishment was decided, no tv/movies for the weekend and she'd write a page of sentences (my choosing) for me. Done deal.

Cut to late Saturday afternoon. She's finishing her homework and I remind her that when she is done, she will need to see me for her sentence to write...and cue beginning of tantrum and righteous indignation.

Which culminated in to, "If I have to write sentences, so do you and Daddy because you were wrong to punish me!"

HUH?! Where did *that* come from? I bit my tongue to keep from laughing as we're clearly reaching for Mars on this one.

"Um, why do you think Daddy and I have to write sentences as punishment for something that you did? I'm confused."

There was a great explanation, but I got lost somewhere in the middle and when she was done, explained (calmly) that she was in the wrong.

I was obviously mistaken and more indignation followed. Trying to use logic and rationale on a very pissed 8 year old is like trying to get your dog or cat to answer you in fluent Russian...without ever taking a language course.

I had to chalk it up to, "That's not happening now." followed by the angry snorts of a future petulant teenage daughter waiting to seethe at a parent that just has no clue whatsoever.

Yeah, solitary parental moments are just a blast and a half. Once she was asleep at the end of the day, I earned a slice of pie and a glass of wine. Who says the only happy endings are in fairy tales?!