Friday, February 03, 2012

Ah, the glory job of a parent

Tonight, I was that parent in Target.

I was the one who in the car, outside the car in the parking lot, 2 minutes after walking in to the store, in between the cards and the wrapping paper holding a crying child and finally part way to the ladies t-shirt sale rack had the child melting down. Repeatedly.

We're talking, lather, rinse, repeat here.

No idea what set it off. Haven't gotten to the bottom of it. But when the scene warm-up commenced and then people started to stare, that's when a cart full of "things" that needed to be picked up didn't matter.

That's when, after sharing with said unhappy 8 year old, that her unkind words needed to stop because she was coming close to a line she didn't want to cross.

Then the unkind words took an uptic and the line was crossed and my heart was hurt. I shared that the unkind words were done and that until she had something kind to say, starting with "I'm sorry", there would be no further conversation. I then walked away from a cart, with groceries and snacks that she needs for tomorrow morning and to the car and home.

The dirty looks and attitude continued. I gave her a hug and told her "I love you" and meant it. I fixed her dinner and let her eat and web-talk with Daddy in peace and got laundry started. I let her have 20 minutes for reading and turned out the light and said good night and sweet dreams...and meant it.

Once the lights were off, I got a "I'm sorry...will you forgive me?". I told her, "I forgave you the moment you said the words. Sweet dreams."

The slings and arrows that a parent takes to the heart.