Friday, December 16, 2011

It's the little things...truly

It's truly the little things that just make me giddy sometimes. With full truth and sincerity, it's the reason why my Mother called me a "cheap date". I'm easily entertained. Some days more so than others.

And lets face it, in these times and challenges, finding the cheap and easy thrill or tickle, is what we're all looking for.

For example, let's take Blogspot.

When I sign in to update or write a post, I have to provide my Identification and password that I selected. Well, when I selected my password, Blogspot had undergone some changes, was being non-cooperative and quite frankly, I wasn't in the mood to play.

My password is not a kind phrase.

I would not utter it in church. And I DEFINITELY would not utter it in front of my Mother or any of my Grandmothers (God rest their souls)!

But every time I type that phrase in as my password...I smile. I smile and I giggle and I feel like a naughty child getting away with something I know I shouldn't.

And I smile and giggle again.

Yep, I'm easily entertained and it's truly the little things that can entertain me and make me happy.

And when I pause long enough to remember those little happy glimmers that I can find and provide for others, and myself, it makes things somehow better. More palatable and I can move forward with my day with a little spark of laughter and happiness that I can feel in my heart. A gleam of the imp shining in my eyes and a laugh waiting to burst forth from my lips and to share that with another and hopefully watch the spark continue on with others.

What can I say? I'm easily entertained and it's truly the little things in life that provide moments of instant and sustained happiness.

What about you?