Thursday, April 19, 2012

Okay, time got away from me...

Ooops, been a bit since I posted. Where did the days go? Anything trite I might come up, platitudes for the readers or non-readers at this point, would be glarringly obvious to the millions of you who come here to read what golden threads of wisdom I impart to become part of the tapestry and fabric of your daily lives. (Was that thick enough, or shall I go on?)

Any who...moving forward.

I won't make banal promises of daily postings or postings multiple times a day. But I will make sure to get something up at least once a week...yeah, that sounds good.

So what has distracted me from the goal of blogging? You mean aside from life? Well, life. Yep, this whole working Mom, amazing wife, supermodel on the side thing can make for a pretty busy calendar.

Yep, had some issues with Daisy that required full attention. Then there's the whole work thing (I don't do it for the paycheck, but I really do it for the people. I have a GREAT time there!). Taking care of the puppies. Being an amazing wife and anything else that comes along.

Current distractions? That is just too much fun, especially if you've got an inquisitive mind that doesn't get stretched too terribly much. Trying to research the Hubby's familia so I can make (a) a cool family tree for him and (b) ultimately, a scrapbook with photos, information and memorabilia about his family. To date, I haven't even scratched the surface, but it's terribly addictive and makes me want to REALLY dig deeper!

Alright, it's on peeps.