Tuesday, October 11, 2011


When you have a child, there are certain things that they will do or say that will be so serious to them...and just incredibly funny to the rational adult on the other side of the equation. Whether it be something in passing, such as Daisy referring to stairs as "ladders" or those moments of just utter frustration and aggravation and you, as the rational parent taste blood to try and keep from laughing and, well honestly, just pissing them off even more.

Case in point...Friday upon picking Daisy up from school, I knew something was up (Mothers Intuition if you want) and upon asking...was proven right. Busted.

An agreed punishment was decided, no tv/movies for the weekend and she'd write a page of sentences (my choosing) for me. Done deal.

Cut to late Saturday afternoon. She's finishing her homework and I remind her that when she is done, she will need to see me for her sentence to write...and cue beginning of tantrum and righteous indignation.

Which culminated in to, "If I have to write sentences, so do you and Daddy because you were wrong to punish me!"

HUH?! Where did *that* come from? I bit my tongue to keep from laughing as we're clearly reaching for Mars on this one.

"Um, why do you think Daddy and I have to write sentences as punishment for something that you did? I'm confused."

There was a great explanation, but I got lost somewhere in the middle and when she was done, explained (calmly) that she was in the wrong.

I was obviously mistaken and more indignation followed. Trying to use logic and rationale on a very pissed 8 year old is like trying to get your dog or cat to answer you in fluent Russian...without ever taking a language course.

I had to chalk it up to, "That's not happening now." followed by the angry snorts of a future petulant teenage daughter waiting to seethe at a parent that just has no clue whatsoever.

Yeah, solitary parental moments are just a blast and a half. Once she was asleep at the end of the day, I earned a slice of pie and a glass of wine. Who says the only happy endings are in fairy tales?!